Mustafa Mahli

Mustafa Mahli

  • Cosmetic’s doctor
  • BIG number 19922175401

Mustafa Mahli obtained his master’s degree in medicine in Syria. He then specialized in plastic surgery there. Subsequently, he pursued additional training at the UMC Utrecht, where he completed internships in plastic, trauma, and oncological surgery, among other areas.


Mustafa sees cosmetic surgery as a combination of art and medical knowledge, which is why he enjoys it so much! He is drawn to the daily challenges and the creative nature of the profession.

One thing Mustafa considers crucial is, “The wishes of the patients must always be taken into account within the bounds of proper indications.” Therefore, client satisfaction is paramount.

Mustafa resides in Utrecht. He enjoys walking in the old city center, experiencing its rich history, and admiring the historical monuments. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking for his family.

It is not about the beauty you have, but the beauty you desire.