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Heb je vragen over ooglidcorrectie?


When you make an appointment, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. This e-mail also includes an option to cancel. You can cancel up to 6 hours before your appointment via this method. If it’s shorter notice, you need to cancel by phone.

Click on the "Book consultation" button and follow the instructions. Select your desired treatment and plan your treatment exactly as you wish. Choose your location, time, date, and practitioner: it’s straightforward!


Yes, in most cases, you can. The fillers must have the same main ingredient (e.g., hyaluronic acid). For instance, you can have Belotero in your lips the first time and choose MaiLi for your follow-up treatment. However, you cannot switch from a hyaluronic acid filler to a calcium filler or vice versa. Always discuss your previous fillers with your practitioner before your treatment.

Belotero, MaiLi, and Juvéderm are all fillers with hyaluronic acid as their main ingredient. They are similar but also quite different. Belotero is a thin filler, Juvéderm has a gel-like consistency, and MaiLi has a very elastic formula. Which one suits you depends on your treatment area, desires, and expectations. You will discuss this with your practitioner before your treatment.

At Faceland, we use two different brands of muscle relaxants. Both are of high quality but have distinct characteristics. Brand 2 is a purified product with fewer proteins, reducing the chance of resistance. Brand 1, however, is often the first choice for many people. Unsure which one to choose? Discuss this with your practitioner, as everyone responds differently to muscle relaxants.


Yes, you can. You can schedule a separate consultation and take some time to consider the treatment at home. You can also combine a consultation and treatment in one appointment, which is convenient if you are already certain about the treatment.

During a consultation at Faceland, you will receive personal advice from one of our specialists. Together, you will assess your face and determine the best treatment for you. Do you have questions? You can ask them here. The consultation is always free and without obligation, so you are not committed to anything.


Swelling, bruising, lumps, or unevenness can occur after your treatment. This is common and usually nothing to worry about. These issues will subside naturally, especially if you cool the treated area properly. Still concerned? Schedule a check-up appointment 2 weeks after your treatment. Note! Check-ups must always be scheduled by phone or via the chat.

Yes, you are entitled to a check-up between two to four weeks after your treatment. During this appointment, you and your practitioner will review the result and discuss any possible improvements. Note! You can only book this appointment 2 weeks after your treatment.


Our surgery treatments are only available for clients from the United Kingdom.

Surgery can be scheduled 4-8 weeks after the consultation, pending approval from the doctor.

You should arrive the day before the procedure and depart the day after.

No, the stitches are dissolvable.

No, the full amount must be paid via the payment link 14 days before the surgery date.

You will receive an email with information, including the nearest hotel to the clinic.

No, you need to arrange your flight/transportation and hotel yourself.

Immediately after the procedure, the region may be swollen and blue. This will subside over the weeks. The end result is different for everyone. What you can expect from the operation will be made clear by the doctor. Full recovery takes 6 weeks. Scars will not completely disappear, but will be less visible and feel smoother.

An upper eyelid correction is a minor surgical procedure that can work wonders if you suffer from drooping eyelids. After the eyelid correction you will notice that you have a fresh expression again, you look less tired and the application of eye make-up is easy again. It’s a subtle difference but will make you look years younger and receive lots of compliments that you look radiant.

An upper eyelid correction can be performed by a cosmetic doctor as well as by a plastic surgeon.

The operation takes about 45 minutes and is done under local anaesthetic.

During a labia correction of the inner labia, excess labia tissue is removed to reduce the size of the labia. The outer labia are not reduced in a labia correction. The inner labia (labia minora) are removed in such a way that their function is fully preserved. Reducing the labia is done under local anaesthetic. A referral from the general practitioner or gynaecologist is not necessary, you can simply contact Faceland to be helped.

During the first days after the operation, we recommend that you rinse the wound area with water during or after going to the toilet. Wear good supportive underwear with a sanitary towel. If you use medication, it is important to bring an overview with you to your consultation, so that you can discuss this with your practitioner. Do you use blood thinners? Please indicate this! It is important that you stop this in time before you can have surgery. If you smoke, you should stop at least 6 weeks before surgery. You should also not smoke for at least 6 weeks after your surgery. Smoking can disrupt the wound healing process, increasing the risk of complications and reducing the outcome. Wear comfortable clothes to the surgery. After the operation it is nice to wear looser clothing to limit the discomfort.