Labial reduction surgery

Are your labia causing you discomfort? Would you like them reshaped? Labial reduction surgery can relieve your discomfort so that you can resume your daily activities without pain and irritation.

Labial reduction surgery
Price From €525,-
Treatment time 45

What is labial reduction surgery?

Would you like to change the shape or size of your inner labia? Some women struggle with inner labia that protrude, causing pain and irritation during activities like cycling and exercise. Labial reduction surgery (labiaplasty) is a procedure that reduces enlarged labia and so relieves the pain. This surgical procedure reshapes and removes excess tissue of the inner labia. You do not need a referral from a GP or gynaecologist for this procedure. We can help you right away at our clinic.

What is the procedure for labial reduction surgery?

Labial reduction surgery is carried out under local anaesthetic. First the labia are cleaned. The surgeon then decides how much tissue will be removed and marks this off. Next you will be anaesthetised so you won’t feel anything during the procedure. The anaesthetic is administered by two small injections into the labia.

As soon as the anaesthetic has taken complete effect, the excess tissue is removed and the blood vessels are closed. The final step of the operation is inserting dissolvable sutures. The labia are closed with these dissolvable sutures, meaning you do not have to come back to have them removed.

Step-by-step plan for a labial reduction surgery

During an obligation-free consultation you will hear all about the procedure; the surgeon will also discuss your expectations with you and whether they are realistic. The surgeon will decide whether you are a suitable candidate for this procedure. The appointment is always scheduled with one of our female surgeons.

The treatment takes 45 minutes. After approximately four weeks the sutures will have dissolved. Be sure to bring someone with you to the clinic for the procedure.

After surgery there is a chance that you will experience some pain from swelling of the inner labia. In the most extreme cases there may be bruising. The area will be sensitive, but usually a painkiller is enough to deal with the discomfort. The area must be kept cool for the first three days after surgery. During the first week you have to rinse the area twice a day with water – but do not use soap. Pat dry, but do not rub!

Price for a Labial Reduction Surgery

  • Euros
  • Labial reduction surgery - Düsseldorf

    € €1750*,-
    $ $1860*,-
    £ £1545*,-
  • Labial reduction surgery - Amsterdam

    € 525,-
    $ 560,-
    £ 465,-

*Excl. insurance

Results of labia surgery

The results of inner labia reduction surgery or labiaplasty are different for each person and depend on post-operative recovery and how well the aftercare has been followed. The main result is that the excess skin of the inner labia will have been removed, which means you will experience less pain and irritation. After six to ten weeks, all the swelling will have gone down and the final result will be visible.

It is possible that the labia are somewhat asymmetrical or show differences after treatment. This is normal. Ultimately the inner and outer labia will be more proportional. Most women experience the results of the treatment as a great relief. This surgery not only relieves the physical pain and irritation of the labia, women also feel more confident and can continue with their daily activities worry-free.

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