Muriëlle van Engelen

Muriëlle van Engelen

  • Cosmetic doctor KNMG
  • BIG-number 09920560001


Doctor Muriëlle (M.D.G.) van Engelen is a graduate of University of Amsterdam and Amsterdam Medical Center. Muriëlle is experienced in performing injectables procedures, labia reduction surgery (labiaplasty) and upper eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty).

Muriëlle obtained her degrees from UvA/AMC. She wrote her Master’s thesis in dermatology on the laser treatment of pigmentation disorders. While a medical student, surgery was her major interest. Muriëlle elected to do an internship in plastic surgery and a residency in surgery.

The reason she chose Faceland in February 2017 was very simple. “Faceland is a terrific place – an innovative business with a very high reputation that is continually growing. It offers a wide variety of treatments and is totally transparent. And all of that for an attractive price that makes aesthetics available to everyone.”

Muriëlle describes herself as a doctor who is ambitious, disciplined, inquisitive, and enterprising and who has a critical mind. She believes in improving personal appearance in subtle ways. The goal is a fresh and natural look suited to the client’s age and wishes. Everyone has to walk out that door happy and satisfied.