Upper eyelid surgery

Do you suffer from droopy eyelids that make your eyes look tired? Upper eyelid surgery will give you a fresh look.

Upper eyelid surgery
Price From €425,-
Treatment time 45

What is upper eyelid surgery?

Upper eyelid surgery, also called eyelid lift or blepharoplasty, is a procedure performed by a plastic surgeon and can work wonders for those suffering from droopy eyelids. After this painless surgery you will no longer look tired or be troubled by nagging headaches. One cause of droopy, sagging eyelids is aging, as the skin around the eyes loses its elasticity. Another cause is that excess fat and connective tissue under the skin may begin to weaken and protrude. Genetic factors may also play role in whether you develop this condition.

Who’s a good candidate for upper eyelid surgery?

It’s important to have a good cosmetic or functional reason for choosing this treatment.  The cosmetic surgeon will examine you with this in mind during a free consultation. You are a good candidate for surgery if you are suffering from sagging, drooping skin. Further indications for treatment include experiencing headaches or loss of vision. We kindly request the following information: your medical history and current state of health,

plus any allergies or medications you might be taking. These can all influence the decision on whether surgery is right for you. During a free consultation, a cosmetic surgeon will advise on the procedure, since it is not recommended for everyone. The consultation includes an examination of your eyelids and assessment of your personal situation.

What is the procedure for upper eyelid surgery?

Eyelid surgery is carried out under local anaesthetic. You will be able to eat and drink as you normally would before surgery. First, the cosmetic surgeon will mark the area of the skin to be removed so it’s clearly indicated. Your surgeon will then remove the excess skin.

Finally, the capillaries will be cauterised to prevent bleeding and the incision will be closed. The scar is practically invisible because the stitches will be in the crease of the eyelid.

Step-by-step plan for an upper eyelid correction

During the consultation, the cosmetic surgeon will discuss the treatment and your suitability for the operation with you. Your surgery will always be with the practitioner that you had your consultation with.

Upper eyelid surgery is carried out under local anaesthetic, so you can eat and drink as you normally would before the procedure. The procedure only takes 45 minutes.

After your eyelid surgery you can immediately return to your hotel. The optimum results will be visible after six months.

Price for an Upper Eyelid Surgery

  • Euros
  • Upper eyelid surgery - Amsterdam

    € 425,-
    $ 450,-
    £ 375,-
  • Upper eyelid surgery - Düsseldorf

    € €950*,-
    $ $1010*,-
    £ £840*,-

*Excl. insurance

Results of upper eyelid surgery

An upper eyelid lift can leave your eyes looking and feeling firmer, give you a well-rested appearance as well as fewer headaches. It will relieve the pressure on your eyes. Your vision will improve and you will be able to resume your daily tasks again. The stitches can be removed quickly so that the results are also visible quickly.

Although you will be able to see the scars at first, these will fade in the weeks after treatment. Once the scars have faded, the results of an upper eyelid lift are eyelids that look and feel firmer. Your eyes will be more expressive and you will appear years younger.