Faceland in talks

with investment company Verlinvest about partnership

Through this message, we would like to inform you that Faceland is in talks with Verlinvest, an international investment company that is interested in acquiring a majority stake in Faceland. Through this collaboration, Faceland will be able to offer cosmetic medicine treatments at even more locations in the Netherlands and abroad. In this message you can read more about the consequences of this for the healthcare provided and for you.

The provision of care does not change
This intention has no consequences for you as a client of Faceland. You can simply go to your trusted practitioner in your trusted clinic for the same treatments with the same products. Faceland’s DNA remains unchanged: making high-quality cosmetic medicine accessible.

Why Verlinvest?
Faceland has attracted the attention of national and international investment companies for years, but we as management have always held back because we first wanted to reach a critical size on our own and only wanted to work with an investment company that could really add something to our company and share our vision on how to take Faceland’s unique model to the next level of growth.

Verlinvest is one such investment company. They have dedicated themselves to helping promising and fast-growing brands grow even faster, nationally and especially internationally. They have done this before with brands such as Oatly, Tony’s Chocolonely and Vitamin Water, but they have also helped chains in the healthcare sector to grow in Europe: clinics in acupuncture (Sinomedica), dentistry (Bludental), veterinary medicine (Nesto) and elderly care (Armonea). And now they want to work with us to make Faceland even more well-known and bigger. Not just in the countries where we are currently active, but all across Europe.

Your opinion counts
We are excited about a partnership with Verlinvest. Because Faceland is a healthcare company, the collaboration can only take place after approval from the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa). We expect to receive this approval around the turn of the year. We would like to hear your opinion, questions, comments or recommendations regarding the intention of Verlinvest and Faceland to work together. You can provide your input until December 18th 2023 via contact@facelandclinic.com.

Faceland Management

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